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Yoga Therapy

The magic of yoga is flowing across the world as it truly offers good health, long fit life, and improvement in stamina. It has proven its efficacy in treating serious ailments and health conditions.

We offer comprehensive yoga therapy that holistically emphasizes on synchronization of our body, mind & soul. Our therapeutic modules encapsulate breathing exercises, yoga asanas & poses as well as meditation & Yoga Nidra. Dr.Shah is a certified yoga trainer who has been helping many children as well as women in improving their health via yoga therapy. It is a kind of physical therapy cum meditative therapy that helps in mitigating anxiety, impart serenity, and treat conditions like back pain, fatigue, migraine, MS, asthma, and other neuro-related diseases.

Our yoga therapy sessions work on 4 simple As:

● Assessment of health problems
● Ascertaining patient’s living style and stamina
● Analyzing reasons behind following yoga therapy
● Acting on the apt course of treatment.

Entrust our services and attend our sessions on time to experience the effective results of Yoga Therapy. Schedule your appointment now.

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