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About Us

About Healthwise Homeopathy and Naturopathy

At Healthwise Homeopathy, we stand to strengthen your health; support your health goals; and stimulate your healthiness. Our Center endeavors to extend effective and advanced homeopathic treatments to patients especially women & children who seek expert guidance & cure for their intricate health issues and ailments. Our homeopathic consultations are unique as we treat every patient independently. It focuses on 3Ds:
We are equipped with top-notch techniques, abundant experience and proficiency in treating ailments with no chances of side-effects. Let us help you achieve your health equilibrium!!
We aim to spread awareness about the holistic benefits of Homeopathy & Naturopathy to people all across the world with an objective to improve their health goals & enhance their quality of life with our expertise & consultations.
We intend to become international pioneers in the field of homeopathy & naturopathy by creating novel benchmarks in comprehensive health care and by committing to offer holistic treatments to the patients with serious ailments & diseases.


We believe in sharing accurate information about our treatments, techniques etc. with our clients and employees. With transparency in communication, we attain loyalty, trust and honest feedback.
We make honest promises and strive hard to fulfill them. We believe in doing exactly what we promise in the consultations & treatment.
All our healing treatments under Naturopathy & Homeopathy epitomize care, emphasize quality and ensure effective results.
Our patients are our priority and we do everything to provide them satisfaction through our therapeutic sessions, treatment and medications.

About the Company

Offering happiness through safe healing treatments
Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy Clinic was founded in 2009 by truly inspiring & expert practitioners in the field of Homeopathy & Naturopathy – Dr. Sapna Shah Mota & Dr.Champa Shah. This holistic healthcare center has been offering dedicated homeopathic treatments and consultations, for over decades, to many women & children by safe and natural methods. Our exclusive range of therapies includes Homeopathic Consultation,Lactation Services, Kids Yoga Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Therapy (NLP), Mental Health, and Stress Management. which have aided them in improving their complete physical & mental health. Our naturopathy services like Acupressure and sujok therapy, Acupuncture for weight loss, Yoga Therapy, and Cosmetic Acupuncture have helped in enhancing the beauty, health & appearance of our women patients.

The entire team at Healthwise Homeopathy imparts the treatments under the dynamic & experienced leadership of Dr. Sapna Shah Mota & Dr. Champa Shah. We strive hard to offer young kids, ailing women & expecting mothers a lifetime of wellness by our treatment plans and by our holistic treatment plans and other important workshops. We believe in ‘healing with care’. Here, we leave no stone unturned in offering the best to our patients. Our center is well-equipped with hi-tech equipment, recent technology, homeopathy pharmacy and expert practitioners, which aid us in providing effective treatment at the right time. Women are the backbone of society & children are the future and we try to keep them safe & healthy. Visit our clinic to witness the best quality and experience relief from acute or chronic diseases.