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About the Founders

Dr. Sapna Shah Mota laid the genesis of “Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy center” with an objective to spread the goodness of homeopathy and naturopathy to people all around the world. She started her journey around 14 years ago. Her doctorate degrees in the related field i.e.BHMS, M.D (Hom.), CGH, CCH & Lactation counselor; speak volume about her expertise and dedication. Her in depth specialization in homeopathy enables her to treat a number of women & children ailments. Her well-equipped clinic showcases her passion in offering holistic health care to people and her dedication to offer best treatment to her patients. She specializes in providing comprehensive consultation and treatment in both Homeopathy as well as Naturopathy by way of medicine, nutrition guidance, yoga and exercise guidance. She widened her horizon by undertaking the certificates in kids Yoga and parenting so that she can boost the physical and mental health of children. For the last 14 years, she has been actively taking part in spreading awareness about the effectiveness of Homeopathy & Naturopathy. Her constant zest to impart holistic healthcare to her patients led her to conduct health camps, workshops, lectures and seminars at several reputed organizations, clubs, remote villages, medical colleges and centers. Her genuine endeavors in the healthcare field have educated many women, aided patients, motivated youth and cured many patients from their acute or chronic ailments. She truly believes in “Gently stimulating your body’s natural healing power through Homeopathy”

Dr. Champa Shah

Dr. Champa Shah has dedicated more than 25 years to make a difference in the field of Naturopathy. Her ever-growing zeal to improve & treat the health of millions through naturopathy led her to join hands with Dr.Sapna Shah Mota in kick-starting ‘Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy center. She is a true healthcare warrior and an expert in acupressure & Sujok. Her relentless endeavors in treating various ailments through effective natural therapies make her a holistic healer. She has attained in-depth knowledge in other fields of natural remedies i.e. Color Therapy, Magnet Therapy & Food Therapy. Her expert techniques and treatment in acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, and yoga have helped many patients.

With growing time, she enriched her experience, expertise, and vision. Many healthcare centers in India as well as abroad acknowledge & appreciate her proficiency in the field and invite her to conduct teaching workshops, consultancies, and treatment advice. Her philanthropist heart has inspired her to offer volunteer services at several acupressure centers in different parts of Mumbai. She has undertaken yoga training at Patanjali Yoga Training Center, Haridwar. Her dynamism is contagious and positively charged all around her. She desires to make this world disease-free through natural therapies and to achieve this, she spreads awareness, arranges seminars, speaks at conferences, and provides effective consultation to sick people. She truly believes in, “Restoring the health of body, mind & spirits by embracing natural means & remedies”.