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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapy(NLP)

Neuro-Linguistic Therapy(NLP) works on 3 core essentials: Modeling & structuring, Action & analysis, and communication & improvement. It is a unique psychological approach that helps in the holistic improvement of an individual’s personality traits i.e. confidence, social & communication skills, and self-esteem.


At Healthwise Homeopathy, we have diligent NLP therapists who effectively make use of linguistic & sensory-based interfaces to learn about a patient’s unconscious experiences, limitations, and apprehensions. Our experienced practitioner Dr. Sapna uses various effective techniques to ascertain them in the patients and steer them in a positive direction.


It involves:

● Forming an empathetic rapport with the patient
● VKD a.k.a Visual or Kinesthetic Dissociation involves eradicating negative feelings & views related to any past event
● The swish pattern approach involves transitioning those patterns /thoughts/ behaviors to attain a preferred result.
● Spinning sensory images & feelings to elicit the desired state of the patient.

If you are also undergoing some stress or anxiety, then book one NLP therapy session with us to experience its effective results.

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