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About Homeopathy

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an alternative medicinal science that has been stimulating its healing magic for more than 2 centuries. This natural medical science works best when we truly believe in its healing wonders. WHO has recognised Homeopathy as one of the most popular therapeutic systems in the world. It works uniquely on every individual and heals in accordance with his/her specific healing mechanism. The medicines are prepared by the extracts of natural substances like vegetables, animals, chemicals, minerals etc.

Why Homeopathy?

Myths About Homeopathy

People have assumed things about homeopathy which are mere myths and are not true. Some of the common myths pertaining to homeopathy are as under:


It can’t treat acute diseases. It is not true as homeopathy is an optimal and safe treatment option for many acute ailments like fever, tonsillitis, pneumonia, etc. If taken during early stages of ailments, it produces much effective results and heals them permanently.


It does not work quickly and the recovery time is long. If patients visit homeopaths during their early stages of acute diseases then it works fastly and effectively. Once acute turns into chronic diseases, then recovery through any branch of medicinal science would be long.


Homeopathy treatment should not be used along with any other existing treatments. Homeopathy works intrinsically i.e. on the molecular level in the body. There is no harm in taking homeopathy medications even if one is already taking medicines for any conventional treatment like BP, Sugar, thyroid etc.


Homeopathy practitioners are not qualified doctors. Homeopathy is a science which needs thorough understanding, research and expertise. It takes 5 and half years to become a qualified homeopathy doctor. MD(Homeopathy) & PH.D in homeopathy are advanced courses of specialization in the field.


It is a placebo and not actual medicine. It is not true as homeopathy medicine comes in different forms i.e. pills, ointment, tincture etc. and the medicine is made up of natural substances under administered supervision and after years of research & experiments.


It is just another herbal or ayurvedic medicine. This medicinal science was discovered in Germany and is different from ayurvedic medicine. Homeopathic medicine goes through the process of potentization. The extracts of plants & other natural substances are first diluted to microdoses and then transformed into effective medicines.


Homeopathy medicine contains steroids. Not at all!! Homeopathy medicines do not suppress the symptoms of the disease like steroids. In fact it is offered to treat the cause of the diseases from its roots.

Why us

Excellence. Experience.Expertise

Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy Clinic offers consultation from experienced practitioners, treatment by experts in the field, and excellent healing services.

Personalized attention

Each of our patients is important to us. We ensure to provide personalized attention to them where we listen to their symptoms, understand their diagnosis and treat them with equal care, comfort & caution.

Guaranteed treatment plans

Our effective treatment plans are devised after meticulous research, expert knowledge, and planned trials. We promise guaranteed treatment plans after careful analysis of the patient and disease.

Enriching experience

Our therapies and treatment are safe, painless, and with no side effects. Our patients find them as an enriching, mind-opening experience that inspires them to stay fit, healthy, and happy.

Futuristic Medicine

Homeopathy is a futuristic medicine that has the power & potential to deliver safe & effective solutions for critical diseases. Our experts put in great efforts to advance their knowledge in the respective field by attending international webinars & conferences with an objective to offer world-class consultations to every patient that visits our center.