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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

Acupuncture is also known as needle therapy which has proven its effectiveness in treating obesity, healing wounds, and relieving pain. It is another alternative traditional medicine originated in China that solely works on restoring & regulating the flow of energy in the body. The needle therapy may sound painful or unsafe but rest assured it is accredited as completely safe & fully effective.


Healthwise Homeopathy and Naturopathy house expert, certified & diligent acupuncturist who beautifully handles thin needles and effectively works with them without emitting any blood or pain. For weight loss, they emphasize on-ear that stimulates the release of those hormones which regulate craving and appetite i.e. Ghrelin & Leptin. Scientific studies have proven its effectiveness on obese and fat people. Here, we help you understand the treatment, its side effects if any, and effective results. We have helped many patients in losing their weight with acupuncture, proper exercise regime, and dieting. Book a session with us and experience it yourself.

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