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Mental Health

Good health implies good mental, physical and emotional health. Nowadays people are suffering from grave mental health issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance use, PTSD, etc. It is essential to take professional help so that they can be treated at the right time.

Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy clinic offers stimulating mental health therapy sessions where our expert therapist Dr.Sapna uses her advanced knowledge and experience in treating them. She believes in developing healthy thinking & steady behavior patterns in her mental health patients. Hence, she uses scientifically proven methods like interpersonal therapy, Mentalization therapy, family counseling, group counseling, Play therapy, especially for kids, Behavior therapy, Cognitive therapy, personalized therapy, etc. to treat such disorders. These theories take several sessions which vary from person to person and disorder to disorder. We are here to resolve your issues by properly addressing them and effectively treating them. Contact us to get details on therapies and rejuvenate your mental health with us.

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