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Are you tired of taking painkillers for your pain? If yes, then it’s time to switch to Acupressure. This Chinese-originated treatment is one of the most traditional and effective alternative medicinal treatments. It involves fingertip pressure to certain pressure points on the body. This reinstates the body’s flow of energy and stimulates the release of endorphins(natural pain relievers in the body).


Here, at Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy, we have experienced practitioners & acupuncturists who are well versed in the science and application of this therapy. We have treated many patients who were suffering and complaining of nausea, insomnia, stress, cramps, muscle ache, fatigue due to chemotherapy sessions, etc. They are well aware of the pressure points in the body and how much pressure is to be applied to the required point to extract effective results. Before starting the treatment, they properly analyze the problem of the patient and then work their magic with their fingers & hands. If you are also interested in acupressure massage or treatment, then visit our clinic and meet Dr. Shah to book your session.

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