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At Healthwise Homeopathy & Naturopathy Clinic, we constantly endeavor to enlighten women & children about ways to attain good health. We conduct workshops to spread awareness about intricate issues of women that are not publicly discussed but are significant for their healthy & smooth lifestyle. We understand the concerns of parents about their children’s health when they come to us for consultation on their growing issues like height, weight, eyesight, hair growth, puberty etc. Our enlightening workshops give them a thorough insight about the natural ways to resolve them.

Stress Management

Stress management workshops and corporate wellness programs have become increasingly important to leaders, managers, and employees due to increased levels of anxiety, stress, and shrinking deadlines. get in touch with us to discuss further .

Lactation -a ‘Live’ Feeling of Motherhood

This workshop is especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. It offers you the benefit of lactation counseling and how it can help them overcome challenges related to breastfeeding, nursing and other related matters.

Improve Eyesight With Eye Yoga & Natural Therapies

Yoga can help children get rid of spectacles. Nowadays, it is painful to see our young children wearing spectacles. If one can find easy and safe means to improve the eyesight of their little bundles, then it would be a blessing. Eye-Yoga and a balanced diet are the key ways that can miraculously help in achieving this goal. Visit our clinic to attend this informative workshop and learn how yoga can work its magic.

Adopt Natural Therapies to Improve Your Child’s Height

If you are worried about your child’s height then it’s time to attend our workshop as it will enlighten you about three magic ingredients that can help him/her in getting taller- Yoga, Balanced diet & Acupressure.

Health in Your Hands-Learn to Do Basic Acupressure

Yes, basic acupressure is very easy and after little guidance one can DO-IT-YOURSELF within the comforts of home. Our workshop highlights the essence of acupressure, offers basic knowledge of pressure points and how they help and how to use acupressure to treat day-to-day health issues. The result would be wonderful. Trust us!!

Menarche- the First Knock of Puberty

Menarche is the first menstruation cycle that a female experiences when it reaches the age of puberty. At our workshop, our expert doctors guide you about its signs, symptoms, effects on body and other essential information that will prepare young teenage girls and parents for this very important first phase.

Workshop for Schools & Preschools

Child health awareness lectures which will include overall child health awareness, milestones in a child’s growth and development; Nutritional, dietary and lifestyle changes are appropriate for a child’s growth and development. We also talk about home remedies for ailments and make you aware of when to consult a doctor. Whenever a child becomes ill, parents should consult a homoeopathic doctor to treat him mentally as well as physically.


Don’t let your menopause disturb your lifestyle.
Menopause is a natural process and is going to come with a slight bang when you reach your 40s & 50s. The best way is to stay prepared by gaining full information about its signs, symptoms and treatments. Our workshop on menopause would help women sail through this phase smoothly. Attend it and find all the best solutions from our expert practitioners.