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Kids Yoga Therapy

In this competitive world, kids are undergoing a great amount of stress. The stress is endangering our children and worsening their health. They are becoming overweight, irritating, restless, stressed out, lethargic and dull. Kids Yoga therapy is safe as well as empowering. Scientific studies reveal that yoga can hugely benefit children and teenagers physically, mentally as well as psychologically.

Dr. Sapna is a certified Kids Yoga trainer who mindfully engages children in yoga sessions and evolves effective outcomes for their betterment. Her sessions focus on soothing their nervous system by utilizing some effective breathing techniques and improving their cognitive functioning by teaching them effective yoga movements & Asanas. We often conduct workshops on kids’ yoga therapy which enable the parents to understand the long-term impact of our sessions. Her skill and experience as a Yoga therapist have helped children in resolving serious issues like depression, behavioral regulations, chronic headaches, PTSD, sensory issues, anxiety, sleep issues, digestive issues, obesity, etc. Empower your kids by putting them in Kids Yoga Therapy at Healthwise Homeopathy & naturopathy center.

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